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Dave O'Connor @doc

I think the primary conceit of our time that we won't recognise until later is that we think we can expose ourselves to constant barrages of partisan content, advertising, and messages insidiously designed to appeal to our strongest fears and desires, and somehow emerge with the core of our character unscathed. It's the smoking of the 21st century. It is a very real thing that we don't yet fully understand and are pretty sure is bad for us.


Yep. It's a constant battle to be decent when you feel like you're marinating in everyone else's indecency 24/7. Then you try to slough it off while interacting offline and it gets tougher and tougher with time. Well, for me it does. Maybe other people are better at leaving that stuff safely locked in the ethernets. I don't know.

@amylsacks everyone thinks they can, is the thing. And it's more insidious than the smoking thing because you don't eventually hack your lungs up and die. You just become a slightly shitter or angrier person.

@doc Yeah, when things went to shit in my once-fave "community" post-Trump, I managed to blcok/flee/unfollow before having any huge public meltdown. In private, though you better believe I did my share of crying and cursing. Luckily I work from home and the cat is a sound sleeper.

@doc Saying this for some time. There is a generation who are just scared of life because of what they see and read online. Unable to comprehend the way the world works and just literally break down

@doc I’m glad I grew up when I did. Toxic communities of counter strike and others gave me a thick skin. And understand early how to filter things online that aren’t important.

Put on top of that I’m a character who doesn’t get unsettled with something happening in another country 😄