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Dave O'Connor @doc@swearing.org

Closing front door behind me to sitting in lounge after US preclearance in 58 minutes, including check-in. I'll take that @dublinairport@twitter.com

Who the fuck wakes up in the morning and goes "You know what would really add to today's human experience? Airport lounge soup".

One time, I was so murica I stabbed my knife with my other knife

Sitting in a long non-technical talk and someone nonchalantly saying 'many data' correctly be like

Sometimes you walk outside in the valley and it's raining just enough to kick up that familiar set of smells I can't place and being here isn't as terrible as usual. For a little while.

No Saxophone guy tonight, just someone shouting "Fuck you" really loudly over and over. Did I mention that San Francisco isn't my favourite city?

He's back! Now alternating between Careless Whispers and the Godfather theme tune. Yet again, american money disappoints me by not having a coin heavy enough to brain a saxophonist from a 6th floor hotel window. Where's an old school fifty pee when you need one?

You know what this hotel room needs? A lad outside the window playing the first 4 bars of Careless Whispers badly, over and over again on a Saxophone.

Also generated 40GB of uploadable video on the plane, which will have to wait for office time tomorrow because the hotel wifi is....true to form.

Seriously wondering whether this hotel is extending the minibar pricing concept to the restaurant in the atrium. Eventually did not go for the $15 pre-packaged sandwich.

Nerd shwag has gotten pretty low key these days, saw a very nice satchel with a teeny tiny Dropbox label you could theoretically just cut off. Schwag where you choose if you're a walking advert/Target is <3

There's really nothing like some shitty aeroplane internet to make you realise you really want to do that bandwidth-intensive thing.

So the last 3 referenda in Ireland have seen Irish people vote 60-70% socially liberal/progressive (gay marriage, abortion, blasphemy). Now if only we could get our representatives to be...representative of that. Like, in a way that doesn't take a generation.

In putting himself down as 'former youth worker' on the ballot, somehow Sean Gallagher has managed to make himself more unlikeable at the last minute.

Sticking this on my office door: bullying or flattery? Let the internet decide.

A good and restful weekend after a long week, now it's a simple matter of getting a good night's sleep before workNO FUCK U WAKE UP AT 2AM and DO YOUR TAXES FOR SOME REASON

The fleet is in for its filter change.

Moonlight is actually reflected sunlight. Well, that's vampires ruined.