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Dave O'Connor @doc@swearing.org

Planning out rack installation for new place. A glorious, wallwart-free, IEC C13-based future awaits.

Buying a kitchen. Yep, still the coolest.

Ok. All I need to do now is never have to buy tiles again in my life and I can be happy. I can get back to being cool again now.

Most middle-class postal delivery ever?

Do the Germans have a word for schadenfreude mixed with a little bit of abject terror and backing away slowly? Because that's the hashtag right now.

Fairview is so convenient, with everything on your doorstep like Yes people to rev the bike and beep at and a bridge full of sweltering No people to flip off just seconds later.

Forget walls and windows and shit. New house begins when the contents of the comms rack start showing up

Someone just pointed out that Ronan Mullen looks like the human version of pepe the frog and now I can't unsee it.

Also, local area crawling with freshly-starched nuns straight from the package.

Keep it classy, No campaign. (These posters surrounding the polling place sign appeared overnight).

Also I'm like "Hey Internet, make me up a couple dozen patch cables. Blue ones, maybe. Couple of different sizes. Alright get going" and the Internet is like "25 quid please". Tis far from this lack of back-breaking crimping I was raised I tells yeh.

Any cool kids using larger unifi switches and know if they're noisy? Thinking of a US-24-250W for in a rack in a cupboard in a hallway, but not sure if it'd add an ambient hum to the whole house or wouldn't escape the cupboard. Internet Accounts Differ.

Room full of 100 school kids, not a single one knows what netscape is or was. I mean, not surprised as such, but y'know.

Beetle the cat fishing for upvotes on /r/blep

The correct answer to "So, how many sockets and Ethernet ports would you like in this room?" Is "How many have you got?"