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Dave O'Connor @doc@swearing.org

Achievement Unlocked: Mistaken for Professional Musician. I'd have a bunch of guesses as to why someone has a big pile of person-sized peli cases in their house before I'd get to there :-)

Security light was tripping when people walked past on the road. Spent far too long trying to adjust and configure it when it was eventually fixed by just hanging off it and pointing it downwards. There's some sort of engineering allegory here.

Digging through old boxes and I find a gameboy advance and a minidisc player in quick succession. That's enough for one evening.

OK, just disabled all my donedeal ads, because holy shit.

All this unpacking would wear you out.

I think they called this "facecrime" in that documentary I saw once. Can't for the life of me remember the name of it.


Even though they're both shite, I can deal with silly offers on adverts.ie, whereas the "do you take mars bars I have 3" from donedeal is still a joy.

Still the coolest in school

Sometimes you swap out an ethernet cable for an identical one that's a different colour and it then finally autonegotiates to 1000Mbps and you're like "That's ok i am ok with this outcome, thanks entropy".

First things first: solve loud router problems

AIB doing electronic challenge/response over the phone is a welcome change from asking your widely known personal info. Well done, eventually, I suppose?

Took a few minutes out from frantic unpacking today to take in the new space. What better soundtrack than this fella: youtube.com/watch?v=OXAN-0fKse

I know the new home network isn't rocket science (a few switches, a gateway and a handful of VLANs) but I'm still a mixture of impressed and suspicious of how seamless Unifi has been to set up. Waiting for the other foot to drop...

When you're tired and yet impressed at the amount of physical labour you can still do is when it's time to take ibuprofen

#1 on list of things to do tomorrow is carry a heavily vacuum-packed superking-sized mattress up a flight of stairs. Start as you mean to continue.

All this packing would tire you out.

Forget all your cyberpunk nonsense I can't wait be be a horrible goose goose.game

In waiting around like a spare prick news, Eir didn't even bother showing up or calling. So at least I got some packing done.

Is showing up on time even a thing any more? Sitting outside an empty house like a spare prick for over an hour this morning, gauranteed I'll be doing it again this afternoon.

It's actually finally actually a little cold out. Praise be.